What in ‘natural’ when it comes to ‘keeping’ horses

We hear the word ‘natural’ so much now a days when it comes to horses. There is nothing natural about keeping a horse in a paddock, feeding it on ‘dried’ herbs, showing it etc. But what we can do is keep our horses as close to nature as we can. By that I do not just mean physically but mentally too. yes Ok we need them to work within a relationship with us. But it is important that the horse maintain his or her natural mind as in enabling the horse to explore their inner feelings, natural instincts and to enable it to learn to make decisions (safe ones) for itself that it’s confidence can come through and at the same time the horse can then keep a degree of independence. This the the root that I have gone down with my arabian gelding. It has paid off no ends through trust on both sides and a calm, happy and very sane horse that states his own opinions honestly and safely. There are times he has overridden my decisions. I have then stood back, looked at the situation and seen that he was in the right. Had I not have done that I would have missed many a valuable lesson!

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Hi All and Welcome :-)

Hi All and welcome to the new centaur therapies blog.
I will be making regular updates on horse and therapy related news, special offers and sharing new experiences and information with you all. Don’t forget to bookmark us and keep stopping by so you don’t miss anything!! Holly

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Hello world!

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